"Senssun No. 1" chip was successfully developed


Recently, Senssun electronic commercial scale custom chip " Senssun No. 1" has been successfully developed, leading the high-end development and application of electronic commercial weighing exclusive chip solution platform.


On the one hand, Senssun adheres to the concept of health management, providing users with sports health measurement products and physical science management programs; On the other hand, it is committed to providing accurate, efficient and high-quality commercial weighing and metering solutions for global users. The products sell well in more than 80 countries and regions at home and abroad, and are used in various scenarios such as home, supermarket, farmers' market, logistics market, retail terminal and so on.


Senssun took the initiative to make innovative breakthroughs and promoted the development of "Senssun No. 1" chip at full speed. After more than a year of overcoming difficulties, after numerous tests, verification and trial production, this special chip for the in-depth custom development of electronic commercial scales has finally been successfully developed!



"Senssun No. 1" adopts the 32-bit chip of ARM® Cortex-M0 core, the main frequency is 24MHz, and the computing speed is far faster than the mainstream chip of the same kind in the market, which is easy to integrate more and more complex weighing algorithms. At the same time, based on the depth customization of weighing scenarios, the use of QFN small package, which improves the EMC performance of the product to the maximum extent.

This chip will be put into mass production in 2022, and three highlights will lead the weighing chip market: to achieve the standardization of product motherboards and facilitate dealer terminal maintenance; Reduce manufacturing costs, to provide users with more cost-effective products; The chip covers more practical functions and improves the overall user experience of the product.